As a child my mother would say, “Her tiny hands were always busy creating.” If I wasn’t wandering around my neighborhood climbing trees and observing animals, my favorite game was dressing up. I also loved collecting leaves and twigs to make Victorian hats. Today, my work is still based on what I collect, whether it be leaf skeletons, branches, roots, bones, or memories of landscapes. I give a new life to pieces from nature by reinterpreting and making their life more permanent in silver, copper, bronze and gold.

I am drawn by my instinct that brings me to the special places outdoors that allow me to slip into a reflective and receptive mode. As a seeker of understanding, I am developing a relationship with nature through everyday gratitude. To connect with the earth with my feet in the grass, through my wonder at the stars and the moon, and the quiet moments I share with the trees, I feed the creative spirit within.

By collecting objects from nature such as; leaves, twigs, seeds, roots, and bones, then studying these shapes, I create wearable pieces that speak to my wonder and gratefulness of the natural world. I use the imprints of leaves to texture metal, I use the shape of bones to create structure for a piece and I use branches and roots to bring a new perspective to the admirer and wearer.

I completed a diploma in Jewelry Art and Design from Vancouver Community College in 2010. My signature collection is called Leaf Print, which is a series of jewelry pieces with an embossed leaf motif. In addition to wearable everyday jewelry, I make one of a kind art jewelry and sculpture. I also have created the NEON LOVE and BLACK STAR collections in acrylic. In 2013, I was the recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award as emerging artist in Craft and Design.                                                                                                                                                                             


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